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Japanese used Toyota Passo for Sale in Myanmar

Toyota Passo in red Tags:

Toyota Passo, a small and compact hatchback, is one of the vehicles which is frequently imported into Myanmar. Car Junction, one of the lwading Japanese used Car exporters to Myanmar, carry huge stock of Japanese used Toyota Passo cars for export to Yangon. Some of our Toyota Passo cars are already on route to Yangon, Myanmar.  These On route Toyota Passo are available for sale and anybody interested in buying these cars can contact our office in Yangon, Myanmar.

Toyota Passo Cars

2004 ModelToyota Passo for sale in Myanmar 2005 ModelToyota Passo in red 2006 ModelToyota Car for sale 2007 ModelToyota Passo in Yangon 2008 ModelToyota Passo in white 2009 ModelPasso 2009 Model

For further details about Toyota Passo Cars, Contact Car Junction Myanmar.


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