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Japanese Used Daihatsu Hijet Trucks for Sale

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Daihatsu Hijet Truck is a utility vehicle as it is used for transporting goods for short distances, specially within city. This Hiject truck can also carry passengers in emergency. Daihatsu Hiject Trucks are imported into Myanmar from Japan and are commonly used by transporters. Car Junction carry huge stock of Daihatsu trucks. There are lot of Daihatsu trucks on route to Yangon and available for sale. Dealers and individual buyer can contact Car Junction Yangon office or Japan office to buy our Daihatsu Hiject trucks on route to Myanmar. We have almost all the models available in our stock and we can also arrange on demand from Japan Auto Auctions.

Daihatsu Hijet Trucks

2003 ModelDaihatsu Hiject Truck for sale 2004 ModelDaihatsu truck 2004 model 2006 ModelDaihatsu Truck 2006 for Myanmar 2007 Model2007 Model Truck for Myanmar 2009 ModelDaihatsu 2009 2013 ModelHiject 2013 for sale

For further details about Daihatsu Hiject Trucks, Contact Car Junction Myanmar.


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